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What we do at The Kindle Centre

South Wye Development Trust is a charity committed to South Wye. Its aim is to benefit local people, making it a great environment to live, work, play and visit.

We exist to support the community, harness the creativity, heritage and diversity of the area. Why? To maintain and improve the places and spaces we look after.

Through partnership working, stewardship and collaboration with every part of the community South Wye Development Trust helps this vibrant part of Hereford City. Helping it to continue to grow and thrive.

We will work to strengthen our links with the local community. Protecting and enhancing what already works on the estates and to improve what doesn’t.

Our challenge is to understand the desires and needs of the local community. We can then use our resources in a way that best supports what the community is doing.

Furthermore, we will support a stronger, more resilient community. A community underpinned by better health, economic advantage and a greener cleaner environment.

We will try to improve quality of life for people living and working in South Wye. Especially for those most disadvantaged, vulnerable and socially excluded.

Above all, our values, in all that we do, are to ensure that we are inclusive and participative, partnership-focused, and that we deliver valuable and quality outcomes.


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