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Belmont Haywood Country Park

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A green oasis on the southern edge of the city, Belmont Haywood Country Park offers so much for so many, all free of charge and health giving.


Belmont Haywood Country Park Main

Those living locally to the park can access Belmont Haywood Country Park from Waterfield Road or Cedar / Sycamore Avenue but for those travelling from further afield there is a car park off Waterfield Road.

The park has been developing since the farm land was passed to Herefordshire Council. Passed on through Charles Church Housing as a planning condition for the building of a small estate of 69 houses just within the boundary of the city / Newton Farm Ward 7 years ago. It lies alongside Newton Meadows, the Belmont pools and Newton Coppice.


As a country park much of the 18 acre site is wild grassland. However, selected areas have been mown to allow children and families space to play games.  Games such as football or rounders. There is a small play area with equipment for younger children to enjoy. In addition to this there are picnic benches and places to sit all around the park.

The park shows nature at its best

With many species of trees, including ancient oak trees. There is also an historic variety pear and apple orchard, a traditionally laid hedge and stumperies. Wild flowers bloom in the spring and summer followed by fruits and berries in the Autumn.

The Belmont pool allows swans, moorhens, a variety of ducks and other water fowl to glide gracefully across its surface. You may even be lucky enough to spot terrapins that bask in the sunshine when the weather is warm. There is also an occasional visit by a heron looking for lunch if you’re lucky enough to spot one at Belmont Haywood Country Park.

Belmont Haywood Country Park’s recently restored footways meander across and around the park. Allowing access for people to enjoy the area whether on foot, on a bicycle, in a pushchair or on a mobility scooter. There is also a boardwalk across the end of the lower Belmont pool. This gives complete circular access around the park thus avoiding venturing out onto Haywood Lane.

HIB Awards

The park is looked after in the main by the volunteer group, the Country Park Supporters (CPS). The CPS work tirelessly to complement occasional work carried out by Herefordshire Council’s contractors Balfour Beatty.

CPS raised funds to purchase equipment to help maintain the park, in addition to a storage facility to house this equipment.

They also raised funds to enable signage to the park and information boards relating to flora and fauna within the park. CPS are always looking for volunteer help and monetary donations. The CPS can only operate thanks to the revenue funding contributions made each year by Hereford City Council.

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