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The Hereford Labyrinth

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A Labyrinth for Hereford

For Free, For All, For Always

The Hereford Labyrinth is a South Wye Development Project.
The Hereford Labyrinth is a South Wye Development Project.

All the money to build it was raised entirely by Donation and it was created by Volunteers.

The Hereford Labyrinth Volunteers

The design for the Labyrinth was inspired by the Mappa Mundi. This is a medieval Map housed in a specially built new building at Hereford Cathedral. It dates back from around the end of the thirteenth century. The tiny drawing of the labyrinth can be found on the island of Crete. It is only a few centimetres across.

Labyrinth inspired by the Mappa Mundi

A Labyrinth can be thought of as a being different from a maze. A maze is set up as a puzzle with many choices. However, the Labyrinth has but one path to the centre, and just one choice – the decision to follow the path.

“You enter a maze to lose yourself and a labyrinth to find yourself”

The Hereford Labyrinth is a permanent installation 20 metres in diameter. Earth has been used to form a circular mound around the perimeter of the labyrinth.

The Hereford Labyrinth from above

It is a contemporary Earthwork placed between the ancient Earthworks of the Medieval Bank and Ditch and the Monumental remains of Hereford Castle.

Walking a Labyrinth

Walking is known to be good for the management of stress in addition to an effective antidepressant. Therefore walking a Labyrinth is a special focused form of walking.

For those of us continuously driven to attain goals in life and work, the labyrinth provides an exercise in relaxation. In going with the flow, we know that we can enjoy the journey for its own sake. Relax in the knowledge that the goal will be there waiting for us when we arrive.

This ‘letting go’ process of walking the labyrinth calms the busy mind. It allows for an inner reflection and contemplation. Furthermore, it allows more creative problem-solving.

“Solvitur ambulando” (It is solved by walking) – Saint Augustine

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