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The Hereford Labyrinth

A Labyrinth for Hereford, For Free. For All. For Always.

The Hereford Labyrinth will be a permanent installation, 20 metres in diameter on the Bishops Meadow, providing fun, exercise, peace and contemplation.
The Labyrinth will be FREE for all to enjoy, 24 hours a day.
Different locations for this Labyrinth were explored and relevant authorities consulted.  The Bishop’s Meadow location was chosen for the following reasons:

1. It is free from the distractions and hubbub of the City centre.
2. It is close to adjacent Leisure sites: Swimming Pool, Play Grounds, Football pitches, Tennis Courts and Putting green.
3. It is part of the Hereford City Guided Tour route.
4. It is a quiet grassy corner, suitable for quiet contemplation.
5. Bishop’s Meadow has the literal and visual association with the Cathedral.







It's just like watching grass grow.


The Hard working Volunteers


The design for the Labyrinth is inspired by the Mappa Mundi, a Medieval Map housed at the Hereford Cathedral. It dates from around the end of the Thirteenth Century.











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