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The Cracked Slipper Company

Community Based 

Opportunity For All

 A Charitable Theatre Company With A Difference
Empowering People, bringing together all walks of life
within the community.

The Cracked Slipper Company links drama to ongoing issues such as mental health and well-being.

Through a successful adaptation of Cinderella in 2018, exploring ideas of social media and positive body-image, they raised a considerable amount of money for Strong Young Minds and SHYPP but also saw the benefit of the confidence those involved gained. 


Social inclusion is key, and seeing that an inter-generational and all-inclusive approach had has only enhanced our desire to involve as many groups as possible in our new venture. Many people are often inhibited from accessing drama for a range of reasons, be they personal or circumstance-based, but at the Cracked Slipper Company everyone is welcome. 


This year they aim to go even further, not only by producing another pantomime at Christmas but also starting to offer workshops that aim to entertain, engage and empower. 

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