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The Cracked Slipper Company

Community Based 

Opportunity For All

 A Charitable Theatre Company With A Difference
Empowering People, bringing together all walks of life
within the community.

The Cracked Slipper Company links drama to ongoing issues such as mental health and well-being.

Through a successful adaptation of Cinderella in 2018, exploring ideas of social media and positive body-image, they raised a considerable amount of money for Strong Young Minds and SHYPP but also saw the benefit of the confidence those involved gained. 


Social inclusion is key, and seeing that an inter-generational and all-inclusive approach had has only enhanced our desire to involve as many groups as possible in our new venture. Many people are often inhibited from accessing drama for a range of reasons, be they personal or circumstance-based, but at the Cracked Slipper Company everyone is welcome. 



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