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 2020 Programme 

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Friday January 17th at 2.30pm

 Lecturer - Sandy Elliott

Sir Thomas Gainsborough

Teacher, designer and artist Sandy shares her wide knowledge of the History of Art as a lecturer, as well as being active in the administration of Hereford Cathedral.

Who better to link Gainsborough's work as an artist with the exciting discovery of one of his paintings in the Cathedral? 



Friday February 21st at 2.30pm

Lecturer - Penny Platts

Iran Unveiled

Penny taught for many years and is now established as one of Herefordshire's most popular lecturers.

She travels widely and illustrates what she discovers on her journeys with excellent power point presentations prepared by her husband John.



Friday March 20th at 2.30pm

Lecturer -  Dennis Schiavon

The Enigma Variations - Elgar's "Friends pictured within"

Recently Dennis gave us a fascinating lecture on the development of Jazz and Folk music in America. He now shows his versatility with this study of Elgar. 

Trained in music an drama, active in the Whiskey River Band, he also administers the Music Pool, that extends music through the Herefordshire community.



Friday Aprll 17th at 2.30pm

Lecturer -  Dorothy Nicolle

The Story of British Pub Signs

Dorothy is a well-known lecturer and writer in her native Shropshire. She is a Blue Guide and local Historian, intrigue by the art and origins of our Pubs' and Inn's signboards. 



Friday June 19th at 2.30pm

Lecturer - Dr Thomas Roderick

Inspecting Morse in Book and Film

After a university career a a classicist and administrator Thomas continues to each, lecturing on a range of topics that reflect his wide interests - including good detective novels. 









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