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South Wye Development Trust Ltd was formed in 2006, following 7 years of Single

Regeneration Budget work in Hereford South Wye supported and administered by

the South Wye Regeneration Partnership. The Trust was set up in partnership with

the local authority, in order to continue to support the South Wye community and

regenerate the South Wye area.

The Trust is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It gained the

50-year lease on two buildings through a ‘106 planning agreement’ at the site of a

new Asda superstore in Hereford.

Opening the Kindle Centre community building in March 2007, the Trust sub-lets the

other building to Taurus Healthcare for the South Wye Medical Centre and dental surgery.

The Kindle Centre provides affordable meeting rooms for hire and office space for

charities and non-profit organisations. In addition it has a large hall conferencing

space, used for conferences, community activities and increasingly services

provided to the community.

Our values, in all that we do, are to ensure that we are inclusive and participative,

partnership-focussed, and that we deliver valuable and quality outcomes.

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